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FULL SERVICE VENDING, a division of the Full Service Foods Group, has been serving New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania’s vending needs since 1955.  We provide full-line vending services tailored to the needs of your company. We have a complete line of vending machines available including: soda, milk, juice, snack, fresh ground bean coffee, 45 selection bottle machine, 20 oz bottle machine and our new glass front 40 selection ice cream machine! We even have our own line of deli-style fresh food including hot and cold subs, platters, salads, breakfast items, international dishes, desserts and more!

What Makes Our Company Different?

We have a full line of beverages: sodas, 100% juices, juice drinks, spring waters, iced-teas, sports drinks, flavored and vitamin waters with over 70 beverage selections in three sizes.

We believe that we have to spend $ to make $: 
We only use top-of-the-line equipment, trucks and computer system: We buy only new equipment nothing used or refurbished
We take care of our employees to attract the best and the brightest
  - Highest pay in the industry
  - Health benefits, 401k with 3% matching
  - Good working conditions
  - Free company uniforms
  - Helping with their personal issues so that nothing interferes with their jobs
We don’t subcontract any of our services…we even do our own ice cream! 
We service our machines at only a 30% sold status…while the competitors are at 60%
We are even thinking about hiring our own mechanic to keep our trucks in tip-top shape!

We shop the world (yes, the world) for new products and equipment. We are importing a machine from the Netherlands and another from Italy to offer you something special and super reliable.

We maintain low prices.  We are able to do this by strong negotiation skills of our purchasing team to keep prices low on products, equipment and insurance, vehicles and smart buying.  

Our management team is compiled of some of the most experienced and educated in the industry.  All managers have between 10 and 30 years working in the vending industry.

We have branded and copyrighted programs to better serve parks, hospitals and schools.

We have incorporated technology through all aspects of vending to increase client satisfaction, sales and accountably.
Vending sales tracking software that involves downloading data directly from machine (dexing)
Repair dispatch tracking program
Food forecasting software—which actually predicts what you will buy
Machine planograms in handhelds to insure that you are getting the products you requested and need
Email communications for speed and ease

GPS satellite tracking system on all of our trucks to ensure that everyone is doing what they are supposed to be doing


All of our programs feature great service, new equipment, creative incentives and aggressive revenue guarantees while being custom-tailored to your facilities’ individual needs.

SCHOOLS: We offer a custom-tailored program for schools called Healthy Schools Program™ featuring a whole line of snacks and drinks that meet the nutritional requirments as well as the taste profile of the students to maximize sales. Our ice cream vending machine is a school favorite while still accomodating the 60/40 healthy mix. All machines have built-in timers that can be programmed to your specifications to avoid conflicts with the school lunch programs.

HOSPITALS: In our Catering to Health Care™ program, we offer full-line vending for hospitals and health care facilities including true 7 day-a-week, 24 hour-a-day refill and technical services to meet your needs. We can even design and set-up your coffee shops or gift shops and stock them at rock-bottom prices.

PARKS: Our Profit for Parks™ program is designed to increase services to employees and patrons of city, county and state parks while bringing revenues back to the parks to offset their ever-rising costs of operation. This program features weatherproof, vandal resistant equipment placed strategically throughout the park. These machines can be placed on a seasonal basis or year-round.

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